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Resident Portal

Experience the ease of renting with our Resident Portal! This program offers great benefits for our Residents and provides 24/7 communication.

Your Lease Cycle

You've Signed Your Lease - Now What?

Now that you’ve signed your Lease, there are a few items that still need accomplished prior to move-in.

The Move-In

We take move-ins very seriously. Be assured that we’re working hard to ensure that the move-in goes smoothly and we don’t add to your stress of moving.

Renewing Lease

We love when our Residents renew and hope you’ll agree to stay with us for many years. Below are some steps to consider when renewing your Lease.

The Move-Out

We’re sorry to see you go. In order for your move-out to go smoothly, please take some time to review both the forms and move-out instructions on this page.

Resident Benefits Package

As a Resident of T&H Realty Services, you are automatically enrolled into our Resident Benefits Package when you sign a Lease with us. This program is designed to save you time, headache and, hopefully, money.

Maintenance Help

Resident Responsibilities

We’re here to ensure that your home operates as it should. We have a full array of contractors available to take care of virtually any maintenance issue. While the Owner of the home is responsible for most maintenance issues, our Residents, per your lease, are expected to conduct some maintenance items. You can find the complete list of responsibilities in your Lease in Clause 11.

Extreme Winter Weather Tips

Here are some precautionary measures you should take to help protect yourself and your home. During extreme weather, our response time to repair any outstanding issue could be delayed, since Vendors will be busier than usual. So, it’s important to read through this list and take all precautions.

Emergency Maintenance

Turn Off Main Water Supply

Change Furnace Filter

Unclog Sink Drain

Unclog Toilet

Fix Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Do's and Dont's

Wood Fireplace Safety Tips

Lighting A Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace Safety Tips

Reset Tripped Breaker

Energy Saving Tips

Other Important Resources

Adding / Removing A Roommate

Breaking Your Lease

Cash Rent Payments

Rent Assistance

Utility Assistance

Can I Buy The Home I'm Renting?

If you have interest in buying the home you are renting, please contact us.

Some of our Owners are very willing to sell the property while others may not be.

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