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Silver Plan

One Month's Rent*

+10% Management Fee

For those Property Owners who want every detail of their investment taken care of.

* Leasing Fee Cap of $1,500
Best Value
Gold Plan

One Month's Rent*

+11% Management Fee

For those property owners who want a little extra peace of mind.

Your Choice of ONE of the following:

Plus, everything in the silver plan!

* Leasing Fee Cap of $1,500
Platinum Plan

One Month's Rent*

+12% Management Fee

For those property Owners who want the highest degree of asset protection.

Includes BOTH of the following:

Plus, everything in the silver plan!

* Leasing Fee Cap of $1,500

*Ask us about discounts for portfolios of 5 or more properties.*

Leasing Only Plan

For those property owners who want to self-manage, but need a little help getting started.
Fee: One Month’s Rent

What's Included?

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More on Our Pricing Structure

Management Fee

Our Management Fee is dependent on the plan that you select. The Leasing-Only Plan obviously does not warrant a management fee.

For the Silver plan, we charge 10% of rents collected every month. 11% for the Gold Plan and 12% for the Platinum Plan

We do not charge any vacancy fees. We only receive a fee when we collect rent from your Tenant.

Leasing Fee

Our Leasing Fee is the equivalent of one month’s rent. For example, if your home rents for $1000 per month, we will retain $1,000 from the Tenant’s first month rent as our Leasing Fee.

For our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans, the Leasing Fee is capped at $1,500.

Marketing makes a difference and no one provides a more comprehensive marketing program than we do. Our homes lease, on average, 21 days faster than our competition, saving our clients hundreds of dollars in vacancy costs.

Markup Fee

Our Mark-Up Fee is 10% of the bill paid. This is applied to any non-maintenance related bills that flow through your account.

This fee compensates us for the administrative cost in managing certain activities on your home and paying those associated bills. Examples include utility bills, HOA bills, legal fees, etc.

We do not mark-up any bill associated with maintenance. However, please note that we do retain any vendor discounts received through our Preferred Vendor Program.

Renewal Fee

Our Renewal Fee is $250 for each lease that we renew for a term of 6 months or greater. We charge $125 for any lease renewal less than 6 months.

During the renewal, you will receive a free walk-thru of the home along with an associated report with photos. We will also conduct a free Comparative Market Analysis of your home to ensure you are getting the optimal rent rate.

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