Get to Know T&H Realty

Experience Matters – Especially in Property Management!

T&H Realty Services is a full-service, residential Property Management company located in Indianapolis, IN.

We focus on the leasing and management of single family homes and condos throughout Central Indiana and are dedicated to providing superior service to both our Owners and Tenants.

The founders of T&H Realty Services, Jeremy Tallman and Scott Hallberg, have been active in the Indianapolis real estate market since 2000.


After acquiring their MBA’s, Jeremy and Scott spent their early careers working in various financial and operational fields.

The two began buying rental properties in the fall of 2000 and, shortly thereafter, became full-time real estate investors, buying and selling dozens of properties each year.

Over the years, T&H looked to outsource the management of its properties, but could never find a comfort level with the various Property Managers throughout the Indianapolis area.

Additionally, T&H was approached numerous times by local investors and homeowners in search of Property Management.

So, seeing an opportunity to fill a much-needed niche in the Central Indiana market, T&H officially launched a 3rd party Property Management division late in 2007.

Our Core Values

Client Focused

We make it a priority to always act in the best interest of our Owners and handle things with care. Our team works hard to ensure that we are treating our Client’s property as if it were our own.

Great Communicators

We strive to provide timely responses to all of Our Owners and Tenants as well as a listening ear. Our goal is to listen, understand the issue, and provide the best possible solution.

Integrity Driven

We always strive to do the right thing, even if it costs us business. We stand behind our work, promptly correct our mistakes and treat everyone with fairness, honesty and empathy.

Always Educating & Advising

We share that knowledge with our Clients, so they are prepared to become a Landlord. In addition, by providing our team with the proper training and development, we are able to offer the solutions, advice, and insights that our Owners and Tenants need to be successful.

Team Oriented

We attract, invest in and value individuals that embrace teamwork and high individual accountability. We do this to encourage an atmosphere of high synergy and collaboration so everyone succeeds together.

Our Mission


Owners, Founders, and Investors

Jeremy Tallman

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Broker

Scott Hallberg

President & Chief Operating Officer

Property Managers

Don Castelluccio

Principal Property Manager

Jean Davis

Senior Property Manager

Tanya Carman

Senior Property Manager

Claudia Hall

Senior Property Manager

Stacey McKinney

Property Manager

Sarah Hunt

Property Management Coordinator

Glenna Winters

Property Manager

Keith Russell

Property Manager Technician

Sales & Marketing

Jake Knight

Business Development Manager

Brooke Robinson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kelsay Bolden

Leasing Manager

Andrea Pelagio

Leasing Analyst

Carly Hunt

Leasing Coordinator

Mary Jane Anzano

Leasing Assistant

Raymundo Villareal

Marketing Assistant

Office Staff

Courtney Jones

Office Manager

Charre Daniels

Trust Accountant

Dyna Emboltura

Accounting Clerk

McKenzie Zacha

Systems Manager

Cynthia Russell

Assistant Office Manager

Taylor Vest

Assistant Property Manager

Cali Lacy

Assistant Property Manager

Tim Sparks

Assistant Property Manager

Alfredo Nunez

Renewal Coordinator

Maintenance Staff

Tom Hunt

Maintenance Department Manager

John Burge

Lead Maintenance Technician

Jeff Stewart

Maintenance Technician

Jason Bolden

Maintenance Technician

Natalia Salgado

Maintenance Coordinator

Abel Cantarell

Maintenance Coordinator

Brokerage Team

Rosie Berzenye

Real Estate Agent

Devon Hicks

Real Estate Agent

Chris Herring

Project Manager