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Welcome to T&H Realty Services!
Our professional, Indianapolis Property Management experts are ready 
to help you turn your investment into a lucrative and enjoyable experience. 
From full-service management to helping you sell your home, we do it all. 
Find out why we're so passionate about what we do, and how 
we've helped thousands of Indiana property owners. 

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Indianapolis Property Management 

We offer full-service Property
Management solutions for many
locations throughout Indianapolis.
As professional Property Managers, 
it's our job to ensure your asset is
both promoted and protected with 
the highest degree of professionalism.
We employ state of the art software, 
a second-to-none screening system,
a variety of marketing efforts, highly 
qualified maintenance technicians, 
and many other services. 
You can rest assured that your
investment is in good hands.

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Indianapolis Homes 
for Rent

We offer many homes for rent 
throughout the Indianapolis area. 
We have high standards for the 
houses we take under our 
management, so you can be sure 
you are getting the very best quality. 
We conduct multiple walk-thrus, hire 
professional cleaners, and ensure 
the home is in pristine condition 
by the time you're ready to move in. 
Please check back often as our list of available homes changes daily.      

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We work with a wide variety of 
customers everyday, so we are 
equipped to handle just about any 
scenario. Whether you're a 
homeowner looking to rent your 
personal residence, 
or you're a
seasoned investor looking 
expand your portfolio into the
Indianapolis market, our staff 
has a combined 125 years of experience 
rental properties. 

Investor Services 


At T&H Realty, we believe in honesty and straightforwardness. We ensure that you 
are aware of every single fee associated 
with our services BEFORE you sign a
contract. Our pricing structure is made
up of four fees, all of which go to help 
make your Indianapolis rental property 
the best it can be.
Get a detailed explanation of our pricing.


About Us: 

T&H Realty Services is a full-service 
residential Property Management 
company located in Indianapolis, IN. 
T&H Realty focuses on the leasing and management of single family
homes and condos throughout 
Indianapolis and is dedicated to providing 
superior service to both its Owners and Tenants...

Why Choose T&H Realty?

1. We're trusted, local real estate experts

2. We know how to maximize your asset

3. We know how to safe guard your asset

4. We communicate

5. We're more than a Property Management Company

Top Indianapolis Landlord Questions:

T&H Realty Blog:

Various members of our team provide expert insights into the top Indianapolis Landlord 
topics in the form of weekly blog posts. 
We talk about relevant issues that all  rental property owners need to know about. 
Our goal is to educate new and experienced landlords whether we manage their property or not. You'll find articles on insurance, maintenance, marketing, and much more! 

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