How T&H’s Resident Benefits Package Helps Our Clients

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What is the Residents Benefit Package?

There are a lot of moving parts to managing investment properties.

The more parts you can consolidate and/or automate, the better your chances of success. 

T&H Realty partners with Second Nature’s Resident Benefits Package to combine some of those parts for seamless Indianapolis property management.

Residents pay a flat fee per month and RBP does the rest. From automated air filter delivery, renters insurance, and a 24/7 maintenance line, the RBP helps create a delightful resident experience from Day 1. 

Below are the 7 major components of our RBP and the reasons why T&H utilizes the Residents Benefits Package for our Clients and Residents alike.

1. Renters Insurance Program

Verifying your Residents have Renters Insurance is a non-negotiable. They need it, you need it, you need proof of it, the list goes on. 

As a component of RBP, your Residents will automatically be enrolled in an industry-leading Renters Insurance policy from an A-rated carrier.

This gives you the peace of mind that they are meeting the insurance requirements within their lease agreement. No more wondering if a Resident purchased the policy, showed proof, and then promptly canceled it. 

Second Nature gives you complete control when it comes to opening up a policy and then canceling once the Resident vacates. 

Why Should You Care?

Renters Insurance isn’t just for Renters.

As an Investor, a Renters Insurance policy provides you a whole set of wonderful benefits. For example, if a Resident causes a kitchen fire due to their negligence, the Renters Insurance policy kicks in. That prevents you from filing a claim and possibly seeing increases in your insurance premiums. 

The process also eliminates any inconvenience you might face in the process. Again, it ensures valuable coverage for you, the investor, by providing comprehensive liability insurance for your Residents. Automatically. 

This particular policy comes with a whole suite of additional benefits, including pet damage, dog bite coverage, and more. You can view the detailed insurance plan here. 

2. Air Filter Concierge

When was the last time you changed out the air filter in your home? Can you confidently say within the past 90 days?


Your Residents might feel the same way. Between scheduling every 3 months, figuring out the size needed, and the trip(s) to the hardware store for the right one, it can be a headache.

T&H uses Air Filter Concierge through RBP to solve these issues.

Every 90 days, an air filter is automatically delivered to each of your Reident’s homes. This delivery is an important reminder for your Resident to change the filter and helps knock down any barriers to why it may not get done.

Second Nature reports a 38% decrease in HVAC maintenance requests when implementing this service.

Why Should You Care?

  • If pets are present, this can decrease stubborn odors.

  • Can decrease energy costs up to $250/annually. This enhances the Resident experience and can lead to more renewals. 

  • Cuts down on dust, leaving a cleaner home over time.

  • Less HVAC emergencies = less maintenance costs.

  • Better temperature control.

3. $1 Million Dollar Identity Protection

While security cameras around homes are rising in popularity – it is actually cyber crime that we should be diligent about.

Identity theft has been growing, and now, up to 1 in 4 Americans can be victimized by the crime.

With identity protection, your Residents are sheltered from the trend. Second Nature uses Aura Identity Guard to protect your investment and Residents. 

By tracking, identifying, and alerting the Resident, Aura can spot fraud quickly and provide steps to remedy the problem.

Aura can also provide coverage up to 1 million dollars for damages due to identity theft.

Why Should You Care?

The coverage of up to 1 million dollars covers living expenses matters here. 

A Resident who has their identity stolen may not be able to pay rent on time due to an inability to access funds. Aura can help mitigate any issues between you and your Resident. Less late payments, less vacancy, less headaches.

4. Credit Building

It seems like everything hits your credit report – from opening a bank account to that $50 charge on a credit card.

But why aren’t renters incentivized for their on-time rent payments, like a mortgage payment?

RBP has a credit-building service that T&H believes Residents and investors will love.

This feature automatically reports positive-impact, on-time payments to all three credit bureaus for your Residents. That means when Residents pay rent on time, they are rewarded with a credit score boost.

Why Should You Care?

Since credit scores are a type of currency now, receiving a credit score boost is a high incentive for Residents to pay rent on time. Instead of pushing it off and “just paying the late fee” they feel an extra pull to make rent a priority – helping you and your bottom line.

Additionally, we’re seeing a growing trend of Residents purchasing their rental home. This could be a direct result of building their credit through this program to qualify for a mortgage.

If the Owner is also interested in selling the property, this creates a win-win situation. 


Everyone loves rewards, free-bees, whatever you want to call them.

Feeling like you earned them? Even better.

RBP uses rental rewards as another incentive for on-time rent payments from Residents.

The best part? This is completely covered by RBP and has no financial impact on our Clients. Residents can get anything from a $40 reward off rent when paid on time or a $25 restaurant card. These programs are easy to manage and will create a better experience for those living in your property.

Why Should You Care?

If you haven’t noticed by now – all perks that RBP offer is a win-win-win. T&H stands by this program because it is positive for everyone and highlights on-time rent payments. Knowing if you pay your rent on time you might get a reward? Just another way for us, you, and our Residents to work cohesively.

Plus, rewards like this can create loyalty and, possibly generate a higher renewal rate. 


Have you ever moved to a new place and realized you forgot to inform your internet provider?

That oversight may take at least three business days to resolve. Or worse, you fail to call the electric company and you are temporarily without electric service and, therefore, no heat or AC.

RBP helps solve this situation by providing solutions before the problems can start. Enter: Move-In Concierge.

This service helps eliminate a Resident’s headache of setting up utilities and likely generates fewer questions for everyone else, like, “Who is my water company?”

Why Should You Care?

RBP’s Move-In Concierge brings collaboration and convenience to the T&H experience. The hope is that this kind of experience reinforces the Resident’s belief that “This is a Company that I want to work with… for a long time!” 

Instead of hours of research on “Who is the best internet provider in this town?” all Residents have the choice to not only get all of their utility questions answered but may also have access to promotions they may not have otherwise known about. 

Fewer questions for everyone else, fewer complications during move-in, and, best ye t- a great rental experience.

7. 24/7 Maintenance Service

The heat always seems to stop working at 2 am. Your Resident wakes up freezing, calling anyone they can get in contact with because this is an emergency

Leave emergency maintenance requests to people who can resolve the issue before your alarm goes off. 

T&H provides has a 24/7 Maintenance Service through our RBP that is a no-brainer.

 We also utilize a vendor vetting program where everyone who works on the property will be insured, skilled, and licensed.

This dedicated service creates ease for residents when submitting a request and also prioritizes emergency calls automatically so you can, quite literally, rest easy.

Other Benefits

Withing the RBP, we also provide an online portal for document tracking and rent payments from Residents. Everything is in one place so that we can take care of your property and Residents with ease and accuracy.

We also provide Home Buying Assistance within the RBP upon request.

In Conclusion

We take advantage of RBP and its numerous benefits to us, our Residents, and you, our Clients. Residents pay a flat monthly fee on top of their rent, and we can all rest easy knowing their credit is building, your investment is protected, and we are taking care of our Residents.

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