Who Are the Top 5 Property Management Companies in Indianapolis, Indiana? (Reviews/Ratings)

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At T&H Realty Services, we’re all about educating.

If you spend any time on our website, you’ll realize that we work hard to be transparent and open about not only our pricing, but also about our processes and philosophy on running a successful property management company that, in turn, provides great value to our Investor Clients.

Whether you are a current investor in Indianapolis, or plan to add properties in Indianapolis to your portfolio, you may be in search of an Indianapolis property management company to be your trusted partner. 

As you may know, property managers perform a variety of various duties to help make your investment more successful. Below are what we consider to be the top management companies in Indianapolis. Happy hunting! 


Below is a list of the top property management companies in the Indianapolis, Indiana area:

Top Property Managers in Indianapolis


T&H Realty Services, Inc. 

The founders of T&H Realty, Jeremy Tallman and Scott Hallberg, began investing in Indianapolis in 2000. The two officially formed T&H Realty Services in 2007 to help investors acheive the same kind of success they experienced. 

T&H Realty features one of the largest residential property management staffs in Indiana, all highly skilled at their respective roles. 

  • Founders: Jeremy Tallman/Scott Hallberg
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Year Founded: 2007
  • Services Offered: Full-service management of single-family homes and small multi-family properties
  • Brokerage? Yes 
  • Pricing: See link

Wilmoth Group – Wilmoth group has been active in the property management industry since 1994. This company has an active blog and also has offices in Florida.

PMI Midwest – PMI is part of a national property management franchise and focuses on single family and some commercial properties throughout Central Indiana. The principal at PMI has many years of experience with rental real estate.

Polaris Property Management – Polaris has been involved in the real estate industry since 1996. This firm has an active social media presence and focuses on investor education.

ES Property Management – ES has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. The firm focuses on managing single family homes throughout Central Indiana.

Your real estate investment is likely one of, if not, the largest asset you will ever own, so due diligence is key.

Below are some resources that will aid you in assembling the best team here in the Indianapolis real estate market:

About the Author

Jeremy Tallman

Jeremy is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Broker for T&H Realty Services. He has been active in the Central Indiana real estate market since 2000 and leads one of the most successful single-family property management companies in the state.

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