Where to Invest in Indianapolis: Avon

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First settled in 1830, Avon, Indiana is a town situated in Hendricks County, west of Indianapolis. 

With a current estimated population of 18,343, Avon is the 47th largest city in Indiana. 

The median age is 35.3 and the median household income is $85,433. 

Caucasians make up 84.01% of the population.Avon outline

Average rental amount is $1,055 and the median home value is $185,200 according to World Population Review. 

According to Niche, it’s ranked as one of the best places to live in the entire state. 

It’s also ranked #11 out of 115 for best suburbs to raise a family. 

A staggering 81% of residents own their homes compared to only 19% that rent, also reported by Niche. 

Below is some additional information that will hopefully help you determine if Avon is a good place to invest for your goals. 

Avon Report

Avon, Indiana Zip Codes

  • 46123
  • 46168
  • 46234

Avon, Indiana Neighborhoods

  • Avon Trails
  • Fairway Hills
  • Glen Eagles
  • Ian’s Point
  • Grant Park
  • Cedar Bend
  • Whispering Pines
  • Thornhill
  • Oriole Point
  • Turnberry

Examples of Homes T&H Manages in Avon, Indiana:

We helped a current client purchase this 4 bed/2.5 bath hom in Avon for $164,900 and it should lease in the $1,300-$1,400 range. 

So as you can see, the cash flow isn’t there. This is an appreciation play. 


We no longer manage this home, but it was purchased for $164,990 in 2009. We managed it up until 2018 when we sold it for $218,000. 

We had it rented several times throughout the year at rates ranging from $1400-$1650.

So, again, appreciation is the name of the game.


Avon, Indiana Schools

Avon schools are highly rated. With 9,614 students in grades PK-12, there is a student-teacher ration of 22-1. 

Niche gives the school system an overall grade of A+ with category breakdowns as follows:

  • Academics: A
  • Teachers: A+
  • Clubs and Activities: A
  • Diversity: A-
  • College Prep: A
  • Health and Safety: A

It’s ranked #10 of 291 for best school districts in the state, #14 for best school district for athletes, and #21 for safest school districts throughout Indiana. 

Avon, Indiana Crime Rates

According to BestPlaces, Avon’s violent crime rate is ranked a 24.3 and property crime is ranked a 56.3, 

This is based off of a scale of 1-100 where 1 is low crime and 100 is high crime. 


As you can see, Avon is a great place to be and a great place to own property. 

With it’s highly rated schools, quality tenant pool, and relatively low crime rates, it’s a no brainer. 

The catch is it’s not cheap to purchase homes there. Similar to Greenwood, if you are looking for long term appreciation and a solid investment, Avon  is a great option. 

If you’re main goal is cash flow, I would suggest moving on to other areas such as Lawrence Township or Anderson

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As well as being a licensed Realtor, Devon has her Bachelors in Marketing from Missouri State University and utilizes her skills in a variety of ways to educate and advise real estate investors in the Central Indiana region.

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