Where To Invest In Indiana: Mooresville, IN

The small city of Mooresville, Indiana currently has a population size of 9,727 people. Founded in 1824 by Samuel Moore, who the city was named after, Mooresville, is now home to several attractions including a few historic sites. If you are visiting or living in Mooresville, you can explore the White River State Park and […]

Where To Invest In Indiana: Whiteland, IN

The ever-growing town of Whiteland started blooming way before it was even established. Although it was formally considered a town in 1886, the development of the town began as early as 1853. Only 19 miles away from Indianapolis, Whiteland provides access to the bigger cities while still having the quiet and peaceful escape of a […]

Where To Invest In Indiana: Martinsville, IN

The City of Mineral Water, also known as Martinsville, Indiana was founded in 1822. This city’s nickname is due to its well-known mineral water sanitariums that closed in the mid 1990’s. Named after John Martin who established the city of Martinsville, it is now a place remembered for its history in several different industries. The […]

Where to Invest In Indiana: Pittsboro, IN

pittsboro map to indianapolis

Originally spelled Pittsborough, the town of Pittsboro, Indiana is located in the northern part of Hendricks County. The small town of around 3,396 people was founded on December 9th of 1834. Today the town is governed by five elected members of the town council. In 1906, new infrastructure and services were added to the town […]