Where To Invest In Indiana: Muncie, IN

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The city of Muncie, Indiana is located in Delaware County around 50 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

Muncie’s name came from a tribal town called Munseetown which was established by an Eastern Tribe known as the Delawares. Muncie, Indiana

In 1865 the city was officially incorporated and became the Delaware County seat. Later on, the city became a center for both glass and steel manufacturing.

Thanks to the Ball family, the city started to grow into what it is today. Five brothers from the Ball family came to the city from New York looking to establish their glass manufacturing business.

Now, many of the buildings and locations in Muncie such as Ball State University and Ball Hospital owe their start partially to the family from New York.

Muncie is very much a college town, and according to Niche has a population of 65,571 people with a median income of $36,661.

The average rent in Muncie is on the lower end for the state of Indiana with it being at $756 and median home value is at $78,100.

The city is ranked #100 out of 313 for places with the lowest cost of living in the state and #140 out of 233 for best places to retire in Indiana.


  • 47302
  • 47303
  • 47304
  • 47305
  • 47306


  • Thomas Park
  • Sandpiper Lakes
  • Bethel
  • Riverbend


  • Muncie Children’s Museum
  • Delaware County Athletic Hall of Fame
  • Delaware County Fairgrounds
  • Emily Kimbrough Museum
  • Ball State University campus includes:
    • Planetarium & Observatory
    • Museum of Art
    • Opera Theatre


Muncie schools have a student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1 with 4,996 students in grades PK-12.

Niche gives the school system an overall grade of C+ with category breakdowns as follows:

  • Academics: C
  • Teachers: C+
  • Clubs & Activities: B+
  • Diversity: A
  • College Prep: B
  • Administration: B

It’s ranked #120 out of 291 for best school districts for athletes in the state and #30 out of 291 for most diverse school districts in Indiana. For academics, reading proficiency is at 29% and math is at 27% based on state test scores.


According to BestPlaces, Muncie’s violent crime rate is ranked at 19.9, and property crime is ranked at 56.3.

This is based on a scale of 1-100 where 1 is low crime and 100 is high crime with the US average for violent crime is 22.7 and the average for property crime is 35.4.


Muncie, Indiana offers homes at a low listing price making it an affordable investment, and there are several attractions for residents to visit including events on the Ball State campus.

With a large student population from Ball State University, there is a strong demand for rental properties, especially for homes close to campus. Yorktown is also close to the city and has a great reputation and school district making the Muncie/Yorktown area even more desirable.

Depending on the locations you want your portfolio to consist of, your budget, and other factors, Muncie could be a beneficial investment for you to consider.

If you want to purchase a rental property in Muncie, our Brokerage Team would be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for and start adding to your investment portfolio.

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