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Below are some links to blogs that detail the various stages of Property Management. From preparing your home to rent all the way through handling your Tenant's move-out.


Tenant Screening and Placement

At T&H Realty Services, we are extremely proud of the best-in-class screening service we employ. 

In fact, our system has shaved our eviction rate down to less than 1% of Tenants we place. 

When you employ us to lease your home, we take that very seriously and want to ensure you are getting the most benefit possible out of our Leasing fee. 

On top of incredible screening services, second to none marketing initiatives and cutting edge technology, we offer not one, but two Leasing Guarantees.


Handling Evictions and Collections






Brokerage Services

With over 25 years of combined experience in the Indianapolis market, our Real Estate  team is ready to educate and advise you.

As a fully licensed brokerage, we have the tools and resources to get you to the closing table. 

Our team is heavily experienced and focused on helping you build or shrink your portfolios. 

With strong insight into both the sales and rental markets, we can provide you with the information and analysis needed to make the best buying or selling decisions to meet your goals. 


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