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Whether you're looking to buy or sell an Indianapolis home, we can help with every step of the process!

With over 25 years of combined experience in the Indianapolis market, our Real Estate  team is ready to educate and advise you.

As a fully licensed brokerage, we have the tools and resources to get you to the closing table. 

Indianapolis Real Estate Investors 

Our team is heavily experienced and focused on helping Investor clients build (or shrink) their portfolios. 

With strong insight into both the sales and rental markets, we can provide you with the information and analysis needed to make the best buying or selling decisions to meet your goals. 

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Indianapolis Homeowners

We understand that there are a variety of reasons people decide to move on from their current residence. Maybe you've had a new addition to the family an

d need a bigger space, maybe you're last child has flown the coop and you need to downsize, or maybe you're just ready for a change of scenery. 

Whatever the case may be, we're here to help you through the entire process of buying your next dream home, listing your current residence, or both! 

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T&H Real Estate Brokerage Team

From left to right we have Rosie Berzenye who has 8 years of experience and serves as our Transaction Coordinator.

Next, we have Devon Hicks whose primary role is to represent our Clients through the home buying or selling process.

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