Why Out of State Investors Should Hire a Local Indianapolis Property Management Company

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If you’re an Indianapolis landlord, and especially if you’re an out of state investor, it makes sense to hire a local property manager you can trust. Today, we’re sharing some of the reasons why it’s so important to work with a good property management company.



Property Management Indianapolis: Marketing and Reducing Vacancy

A good property manager will be able to market your home better than you can.

We can put homes on the MLS system because we are licensed real estate agents. This opens your home up to thousands of agents who can show your Indianapolis rental property. Your days on the market will go down. You’ll also have access to leasing agents who can show your home on the weekends or in the evenings when you’re busy with family activities or other responsibilities.

This translates into savings for you because with less vacancy, you earn rental income faster. A property manager can pay for themselves just by leasing your property quickly.


Property Management Indianapolis: Screening Tenants Properly

A good management company will screen your tenant better. We can run credit and criminal background checks, and we know how to talk to previous landlords and verify wages. If you have ever been a landlord, you know how important it is to get good, qualified tenant into your home.

The days of people showing up to collect rent and security deposits in cash are over. You need a good management company that can handle all of this for you.


Property Management Indianapolis: Maintenance

Your property manager will provide 24/7 maintenance coverage. You don’t have to deal with weekend or late night emergencies, where you have to try and find a plumber to pump a flooded basement or a tree company to get a tree off your roof. Your management company handles all of this for you.


Property Management Indianapolis: Peace of Mind

A local Indianapolis property management company can offer you peace of mind. This can be invaluable.

I’ve had many conversations with people over the years who have told me about the stress and the problems that come with managing a home on their own. It’s difficult, and it can be expensive. It’s a huge relief in many cases when owners of rental real estate are able to leave it all to a qualified management company.

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Jeremy Tallman

Jeremy is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Broker for T&H Realty Services. He has been active in the Central Indiana real estate market since 2000 and leads one of the most successful single-family property management companies in the state.

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