The Move Out

We’re sorry to see you go. In order for your move-out to go smoothly, please watch this video and be sure to take some time to review both the forms and move-out instructions on this page.

Important Forms

Cleaning Checklist

Look at this checklist for best practices when cleaning your home. 

Security Deposit/ Refund Tips

Learn how to maximize your refund.

Normal Wear & Tear

Learn what T&H defines at normal wear and tear. 

Move Out Instructions

1. Remarketing the Home

Should the Owner choose to continue to rent the property, we will begin marketing your home starting 30 days prior to your move out date. Our Leasing Manager may install a lockbox, place a For Rent sign and show the home. You will receive a 24-hour courtesy notice for all Showings. 


Please note:  Per the terms of your Lease, you must cooperate with the Showings. All showings will be conducted by licensed Realtors.

2. Home Prep

To ensure the highest chance of getting your Security Deposit back, please follow your Lease terms and all our Move-out instructions. Here are a few important points to remember:

  • Follow our cleaning checklist and remove all of your personal belongings.
  • Professional, truck mounted, steam clean all carpets (email us a copy of receipt).
  • Do not spackle small wall holes less than 1/4″.
  • Do spackle and touch up paint wall holes greater than 1/4″, or charges may apply.
  • Warning: Touch-up paint should only be done if color and sheen match perfectly.  If mistakes are noticeable, additional charges may apply.
  • Complete final mowing and landscaping if applicable.
  • No trash should be left on the premises, including at curb, or a charges may apply.
  • Immediately report all problems while moving out, including all maintenance and/or security issues.


Please note:  If you are removing a self–owned washing machine, please ensure the water shut-offs do not leak.  Failure to report this will result in security deposit deductions if water damage occurs.

3. Keys

 To make your move-out easy, please utilize the lockbox that was provided when you moved-into the home*. If you need the code or have changed the code, please let us know.  Otherwise, please follow these simple instructions:

  • Install our lockbox on the front door. 
  • Make sure all other doors and windows are locked and secure.
  • Place all other keys, garage door openers, mailbox keys, and/or fobs on the kitchen counter.
  • Place only the front door key inside lockbox and securely close it.
  • Email or call us when you are done.
  • We will conduct move out inspection with 2 business days.


*If you do not have a lockbox, we have that noted, so please leave all keys to the property on kitchen counter and simply lock and close the door on the way out.  

4. Utilities

Please do not call in turn-off orders on main utilities (electric, gas and water). Upon receipt of your notice to vacate, we will call the utility companies to have services transferred into our name effective the day after your Lease end date.  It is imperative that the property suffers no utility loss and we appreciate your strict attention to this process.

Please note:  Per your Lease, you are responsible for main utilities until the end of your Lease. Even if you choose to vacate early, you must keep utilities in your name through the Lease end date. You must terminate or transfer all other services, such as cable, phone, etc.

5. Auto-Payments

 If you have any auto-payments set-up thru your Portal or your Bank, please have them stopped to correspond with your Lease end date. 

6. Security Deposit

 Our policy is to process your security deposit within 45 days after you move-out per state statute.  At that time, we will mail a final statement and any applicable refund to the forwarding address you provided.  If any deductions are made – for past due rent, property damage or failed lease requirements- they will be explained in writing.  For more information, please see our Security Deposit Refund Tips.  


A few final reminders:

  • Unless we receive notification that you no longer reside in the property and have provided a forwarding address, you may be charged additional rent.
  • Please review your Lease for other terms and requirements.

Please direct any questions to our office at 317-255-7767 or resident@threaltyinc.c

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