Security Deposit Refund Tips

Want Your Security Deposit Back?

Crazy question, huh? Of course you want your security deposit back. And here’s the best news…We want to refund your deposit…in full!

Yes, that’s correct. We’re thrilled when Tenants leave the home in rent-ready condition. As you probably know, you will generally receive deductions from your security deposit for damages above normal wear and tear, any failure to conduct routine landscaping on the property and for any past due rents or charges that might exist on your Tenant ledger.

First, please refer to your Move-In Report or Checklist from your initial occupancy, which is available in your Tenant Portal. 

Generally, if there are damages that exist that aren’t noted, you will be charged to correct them. In addition, please review some quick hints to ensure you maximize your deposit:

Table of Contents

1. Carpets

All carpets must be commercially steam-cleaned with a truck-mounted system. Please attach the carpet cleaning receipt to the move-out form or email the receipt to (Rug Doctors and other rented steam cleaners do not do a good job and are not allowed).

Our preferred Vendor for carpet cleaning is Spot Free Cleaning, you can reach them at (317)417-2906.

2. Checklist

Please utilize our cleaning checklist as a guide on how to maximize your refund. 

3. Paint

If you received permission to paint and are required to return the walls to the previous paint color, please do so. If you didn’t receive permission to paint and there are any damages as a result of the painting (including re-painting the walls) you will be charged.

Leaving walls primed or spackled is not acceptable.  If any touch up are attempted, they must match exactly or additional charges may apply.

4. Landscaping

Please ensure the grass is mowed, leaves/small branches are removed, any pet waste is removed, the landscaping beds are free of weeds and the bushes are trimmed.

5. Trash & Personal Items

Please do not leave any trash or personal possessions on the property. 

All provided trash cans must be emptied and stored by the time we conduct our move-out visit.

6. Resident Upkeep

Please ensure that all light bulbs, batteries, and filter are good and working. 

Also, make sure all windows are secure and and all blinds are intact.

7. Utilities

Finally, please ensure that utilities are in your name until the last day of the Lease. In fact, we encourage you NOT to turn-off utilities, but rather let us transfer them into our name.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please call our Office at 317-255-7767.

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