T&H Realty understands that Security Deposit Deductions are a sensitive matter and we take them seriously.  We have several years experience and have extensive knowledge of what charges can and cannot be deducted.  All our practices are within industry standards and follow State Statutes along with the terms of the Lease Agreement. 

Most importantly, our main goal is to treat everyone fairly.  Therefore, if a former Tenant believes we made an error on the Security Deposit Settlement, please follow the instructions below and submit a Dispute Form within the allotted time.  


  1. The dispute period expires 10 days after the 45-day Letter.
  2. Please thoroughly review the your Move-out Report, check your Tenant Portal for receipts, reference your Lease and review our Successful Move-Out Procedures.
  3. After reviewing everything, if you believe there was an error, please fill out our dispute form located to the right, on this web page. We cannot handle disputes via phone or in person
  4. In order for your dispute to be considered, you must provide specific details and/or proof of why the deduction was an error. We can not accept vague or unsubstantiated complaints.
  5. Please attach any photos or receipts you want us to consider.

Please note:

  1. T&H Realty is an independent Agency and has no financial interest in your Security Deposit.  We do not keep the Deposit. Those funds have been paid out for repairs and bills, or refunded to you.    
  2. We cannot debate cost.  Per the Lease, you were charged actual cost of all repairs or charges. They were completed by professional technicians and were done within industry standard pricing. 
  3. We cannot waive charges for extenuating circumstances or as compensation for issues that happened during the lease term.  All issues were based on actual findings at the time of the Move-out.
  4. We will not tolerate profanity or rudeness; please keep this civil.  

What to expect:

We pledge to give all disputes a fair and honest review.  A final resolution and/or adjustment will be made within 7 business days.  At that time, our dispute process will be concluded.


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