What Should Landlords Expect in 2022?


It’s the time of year when all businesses are planning and forecasting for 2022. Clearly, it’s critical for all businesses to understand expected sales, expenses, etc. And, if you are a landlord, you are a business. Even if you own just one home, or if you own 1,000 homes, being a Landlord is being a […]

Smoke Detectors: What Indianapolis Landlords Need to Know

smoke detector

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed the various obligations that you have as an Indianapolis Landlord. On a very basic level, you’re required to provide your Tenants with a safe, clean, and habitable dwelling. Drilling down into the safety aspect is where smoke detectors come in. Yes, smoke detectors. Those circular, plastic gadgets that we stick […]

How Do Emergency Evictions Work in Indianapolis?


We’ve discussed Indianapolis evictions at length in past blogs. There are evictions that benefit you as the Owner, and there are evictions that can benefit Tenants (Constructive Eviction). There is, however, a third type of eviction. This is the holy grail of evictions, if you will. The eviction process that every Landlord dreams about. The […]

11 Tax Deductions Indianapolis Landlords Need to Take Advantage Of


While owning rental real estate can be a great way to build wealth, it most certainly comes with its fair share of expenses. Taxes are one of those expenses. For every dollar you earn, you’ve got to give a few cents – or maybe more than a few cents – back to Uncle Sam. No […]