Pike Township is one of the nine townships in Marion County, in Indianapolis, located in the north western portion of the county. At T&H Realty Services, we are highly interested in providing professional property management in the Pike Township area.

Pike Township provides a wide-range of homes for tenants to rent. Pike Township is loaded with affordable to moderately priced homes, with many of the charming subdivisions featuring new construction.

Pike Township contains a relatively diverse, award-winning school district which is widely regarded as an education leader for high academic standards, innovative educational programs, and acclaimed educators.

Pike Township residents enjoy close proximity to the cultural, recreational, social and sporting events of downtown Indianapolis. The community has a well-balanced mix of industry and retail offering a plethora of dining and entertainment opportunities.

Eagle Creek Park, in the township’s north west corner, provides a 5,000 acre nature facility for hiking, fishing, sailing, and skiing, as well as a 27-hole golf course.

As your Property Management service provider, T&H Realty Services offers full-service Property Management for many locations throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana, including Pike Township.

As professional Property Managers, it’s our job to ensure that your asset is both promoted and protected with the highest degree of professionalism.


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