Property Management vs. Realty Company

    By Jeremy Tallman 2011-09-16

I get calls often here at T&H Realty Services where it seems prospective tenants don’t understand the difference between a Realtor and a Property Management company. The two are similar, but they are also different and offer different services. (more…)

How Should I Communicate with my Landlord?

    By Jeremy Tallman 2011-09-02

At T&H Realty Services, as a property management company in Indianapolis, we are constantly striving to communicate with our tenants in the best way possible. We manage several hundred properties, and we always wish to deliver the same customer service and appropriate form of communication with each and every one…

Should I Rent or Buy a Home in Indianapolis?

    By Jeremy Tallman 2011-08-26

It seems like in today’s property management market, I always get people asking if one of our properties is also for sale or "rent to own." It seems like most are going back and forth from either renting a home or buying a home. If you are going back and…

Help! I Need to Find a Place to Rent… FAST!

    By Jeremy Tallman 2011-08-20

Here in Indianapolis at our property management company, I am always getting calls from people who need to move and move fast. The reasons are usually that the end of their lease snuck up on them, that they have been busy and waited until what seems like the very last…

A Scammer with Standards

    By Jeremy Tallman 2010-11-30

Having been involved with residential Property Management over the past 10+ years, I’ve witnessed my share of rental home scams. Internet marketing, while wonderful and highly effective, has allowed certain scumbags to take advantage of people in a number of ways. Recently, when I saw one of our properties listed…

My Landlord is in Foreclosure””

    By Jeremy Tallman 2010-11-11

We take hundreds, and sometimes thousands of calls from prospective tenants each month. Inevitably, a few of these prospects tell us they must move because their current Landlord is facing foreclosure. (more…)