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7 Property Management Blogs Every Landlord Should Be Reading

May 13, 2019 10:00:00 AM

A while back, Feedspot voted us #36 on a list of the top 80 Property Management Blogs. We were thrilled and flattered, but more so surprised and excited to see all of the resources out there for landlords and rental property investors. 

We pride ourselves on our blog and do our best to provide the highest quality content and to educate anyone who wants to learn. 

Although we hold our blog in high regards, we realize that there is a wealth of knowledge and many other outstanding resources for individuals like yourself. 

So, we decided to use our expertise to make our own list of Property Management blogs that we think are the most helpful. 

Top 7 Blogs Video

  1. All Property Management:

    All Property Management is one of the largest networks of property management services on the internet. Their goal is to “provide property owners the resources to turn their real estate holdings into thriving, lucrative investments.”

    Basically, they help individuals who own rental real estate connect with property management companies to handle their investments.

    Their blog offers some fantastic articles that are relevant to anyone who owns rental property. You’ll definitely want to check it out.

  2. Rentec Direct:

    Rentec Direct is a property management software company based in Grants Pass, Oregon.

    They have one of the highest ranked softwares according to
    software.com and their blog is just as top notch.

    This blog offers TONS of great articles for landlords and hits on some of the most important and asked about topics in the industry.

  3. BiggerPockets:

    If you’re in the real estate industry and haven’t heard of BiggerPockets, then you probably live under a rock.

    This site offers second to none resources for landlords and property managers, even beyond their blog. They have forums, guides, and webinars just to name a few.

    You’ll want to bookmark this page and refer back to it often. Whenever you have a question about ANYTHING related to property management or real estate in general, you’ll be able to find an answer there.

  4. Landlordology:

    This blog is one of my personal favorites. Landlordology exists to provide education and resources to landlords, property managers, and renters alike.

    They offer software and services as well as great content. Make sure you spend some time checking out what they have to say.

  5. Green Residential:

    Green Residential is a property management company based Texas.

    Their blog impressed not only with the quality of the content, but the variety of topics.

    They have 47 categories to choose from so you definitely won’t get bored and may even find some topics that you’ve never thought about.

  6. Real Property Management:

    Real Property Management started back in the 80s and has grown to be the largest Property Management organization in the nation.  So it’s no surprise that their blog is on our list.

    Offering advice, tips, and trends to property owners is one thing they do best. Their blog contains some really unique pieces and topics that you don’t find on most other websites.


    SparkRental was started by 2 friends and former colleagues who wanted to help other Landlords learn how to build passive income.

    It was originally launched as a free educational resource, but now provides automated rent collection, editable lease agreements, free tenant screening reports (for the landlord), a free rental application and premium online courses for landlords.

    Their blog offers articles on every topic you could imagine, including "12 Lessons About Money from Game of Thrones"! You'll definitely want to check this one out. 

Bonus Blog:

  • ARPOLA:  With a name like, The American Rental Property Owners and Landlords Association, you would expect some really helpful content and this blog definitely doesn't disappoint.  

    The articles you'll find on this site should answer many of the questions you will come across in your rental property investment career. Everything from maintenance to dealing with Tenants is covered in detail. 

In order to be a successful landlord, you have to stay up to date on trends and information. 

These blogs will be a great place for you to start learning and make sure you check back here often as we post new articles every week! 

*Editor's Note: This blog is updated periodically to reflect the best Property Management Blogs. If you have a suggestion or feel like we are missing one, please let us know and we'll put it under consideration to be added.*

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