T&H Realty Terms of Engagement

If you are a vendor working with T&H Realty on a work order, we do have terms of engagement that we require all vendors to follow:

A. Please confirm receipt of request and reference workorder # in all correspondence.

B. Please initiate scheduling with Tenant immediately for ER workorders or within 2 business days for Non ER workorders.

C. Follow Indiana’s Tenant Property Access Laws (provide reasonable notice to enter, except for emergencies) and we commend providing a courtesy call prior to visit.

Note: Because Tenant’s haven’t requested preventative maintenance work, we highly recommend confirming appointments to avoid wasted trips.

D. Notify us, prior to proceeding with job, if cost exceeds $350.

E. Complete ER work within 2 days and regular jobs within 7 days, unless otherwise agreed to with Tenant and Manager.

F. Notify us, immediately of work completion, via email, text, or call with repair details, cost, and pictures.

G. Offer THR preferred rates based on volume discounting, at least 10%.

H. Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times with Tenants and THR Staff.

I. Take proper care with all physical and personal property at the home.

J. Operate under a code of confidentiality with all THR information and refrain from discussing negative repair details with Tenants.

K. Report any noticeable lease violations to THR office (i.e. unauthorized pets or occupancy, illegal activity, smoking, and/or condition issues).

Thank you for your understanding of the terms and for working with T&H to complete the requested services.

If you have any questions, please email our maintenance departments at maintenance@threaltyinc.com.

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