Kelsay Bolden

Kelsay is our Director of Resident Relations. Kelsay processes all of our applications and coordinates the leasing signing process for all new tenants. Kelsay ensures that the rental process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Kelsay has been with us since the end of 2021 and has 10 years of property management experience. When […]

Carly Hunt

Carly Hunt

Carly is our Leasing Manager. Carly has been with us since 2021 and has close to 6 years of Property Management experience. Outside of work, Carly loves spending most of her time with her daughter, boyfriend, and their 2 dogs. Carly enjoys finding a good show to binge on. Carly also enjoys the craft of […]

Sarah Hunt

sarah H. profile image

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COORDINATOR | 317-255-7767 EXT. 7022 | SARAH@THREALTYINC.COM As our Property Management Coordinator, Sarah’s main role is to assist our Owner Clients with their day-to-day questions and concerns. If Sarah can’t answer a particular question directly, she’ll ensure the question is routed to the correct person. Her husband, Tom, happens to be our Maintenance […]

Courtney Jones

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Director of HR and Systems Management  | 317-255-7767 EXT. 7010 | COURTNEY@THREALTYINC.COM As our Director of HR and Systems Management, it would probably be easier to list what Courtney doesn’t do. Her main role is to ensure our Office operations run smoothly… which means she can wear different hats depending on the day. Courtney has been […]

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