Inside T&H: Best In Class Tenant Screening

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Out of the many, many tasks a Property Management company completes, Tenant screening is – hands down – one of the MOST important. The people who end up residing in your property can make or break your investment and Fair Housing is not something you want to find yourself violating. Finding high quality Tenants is […]

How Does a Security Deposit Work in Indiana?

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Security Deposits are extremely important. Important to you as the Landlord, and important to your Tenant, because it’s their money… until it isn’t. In fact, my guess is if you polled Property Management Companies around the country, the majority would say Security Deposits generate the most friction in their businesses. So, you need to have strong […]

A Property Management Battleground: Security Deposits

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One of the many hot buttons in property management is the disposition of security deposits. As a 3rd party property management company, we occasionally find ourselves directly in the middle of security deposit battles. Our Tenants, naturally, want all of their deposit back and our Owners, naturally, want to keep the entire deposit.

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