At T&H Realty Services, a key part of our Indianapolis Property Management service is to provide our Owners with the highest degree of protection for their asset(s).

We have partnered with Rhino to ensure the best protection for our Owners and the best security deposit amount for our Resident’s needs.

After the applicant has met our risk-based model, Rhino uses an applicants basic information to determine the best policy for their monthly payments.

Depending on various factors such as credit score, rent to income ratio, and previous rental history, we might require a deposit as low as two month’s rent or as high as three month’s rent.

If an applicant meets all of the requirements and has great income, credit, and rental history, they’re obviously going to be charged less than an applicant who has some “dings” on their background.

Once the applicant has been approved, they will receive an approval notification from Rhino. From there, they will be walked through their security deposit policy.

With Rhino, Residents have the option of paying a premium amount either monthly or in full instead of an upfront deposit. This premium is non refundable and will not cover damages or money owed at move out.

While there are no guarantees, our experience shows that by providing a flexible Security Deposit system, we serve the interests of both our Owners and Tenants.