remote move ins

We’ve processed literally thousands of move-ins since we started managing rental properties back in 2000.

And as technology has developed, we’ve adjusted, accordingly.

We now offer lockbox move-ins as a courtesy to all of our residents. This means, YOU choose the time and even day you want to move. No more scheduling a move-in meeting at the house or at our Office. 

We understand that moving is stressful, so we hope this process helps alleviate some of that stress. 

How do these move-ins work?

Early on the morning of your move-in, you will receive an email with your lockbox code. 

Please note that, unless you’ve meet all your move-in requirements, we will not provide a code to you. 

What do I do with the lockbox?

 It’s pretty simple, really… just store it in a safe place and reinstall it in the same place, with keys, at move-out.  Note: If you lose or damage the lockbox, you will, per your Lease, be charged a $100 penalty. 

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