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How T&H Realty Helped a Frustrated Landlord

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"I knew right away one of the things that I liked was transparency as to how you guys worked."


The Subject 

Mark Khuri is the Vice President and Co-Founder of SMK Capital Management LLC. He has been an avid real estate investor since 2005, having purchased and re-modeled numerous rental properties in California and Florida that have produced consistent, positive income. In addition, Mark has been focused on investing, renovating, and renting financially distressed properties since 2008.

Mark works directly with SMK’s clients and is responsible for all property acquisitions ensuring they meet the company’s objectives and desired rates of return.

He performs routine visits to the Midwest and Florida and is constantly analyzing market trends making certain that all investments are properly located and timed correctly.

What Went Wrong...

Mark quickly found a property in Indianapolis, purchased it, and hired a local Property Manager based on a referral. Mark had plenty of experience managing his own homes and plenty of experience using Property Management companies outside of his home state. He knew what to expect.

“We expected them to take good care of our property, ” Mark said.

“We wanted to ensure that it was being looked after in a general sense. We didn’t want long vacancies. We wanted them to find good Tenants and have those Tenants pay rent every month. As for maintenance, we expected them to handle maintenance without gouging us on costs and to do that maintenance in a timely manner."

However, it wasn’t long into the relationship with the Property Management company that Mark sensed trouble. Repairs started mounting. Communication became a problem. Transparency became an issue. Essentially, the trust had been broken.

So, Mark began to look for a different Property Management company. 

T&H to the Rescue!

In late 2014, Mark found T&H Realty Services via a web search. After some initial discussions, Mark transferred the property to T&H, who promptly found a Tenant and began management.

It didn’t take long for Mark to notice a difference...


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