Property Condition Standards

What are T&H’s Property Condition Requirements?

At T&H Realty Services, we take pride in providing our residents with homes that are not just spaces to live in, but clean and properly maintained places they can call home.

We understand that you entrust us with your investments, and it is our commitment to ensure that the properties we rent meet federal, state, local and internal T&H condition requirements.  These condition requirements are the foundation of our goal to offer both clients and residents a seamless and stress-free rental experience.

In order to comply with the necessary condition requirements, every property must meet the requirements listed below in order to be fully marketed by T&H Realty Services.

Condition Requirements:

All Homes must comply with health, safety and housing codes and must be in clean and livable condition. 

  • The following items must be operational and maintained in safe working condition:
    • Electrical systems
    • Plumbing (reasonable supply of hot and cold water at all times)
    • Sanitary systems
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (adequate supply of heat at all times)
    • Appliances
    • Doors and windows (all must be weathertight, open, close, latch and lock properly)
    • Roofs, walls and foundations (all to code with no leaks).
  • A bedroom must have a proper door, closet and 2 means of egress (i.e. a door and an operable window, to code, that allows escape during an emergency). A bedroom must have a minimum of 70 sq. ft. for the first occupant and an additional 50 sq. ft. for each additional occupant.
  • Smoke detectors: One on each level, one in each bedroom, and one within 5’ of the exterior of all bedroom doors. All units must be working properly with new batteries installed.
  • Changing or re-keying locks between residents and anytime a property is newly purchased. No locks that are keyed on both sides and require a key to unlock on the interior.  All doors must have proper doorstops. 4 keys required for all locks.
  • For properties with a garage door opener, 1 remote is required for each garage parking space.
  • Property must be professionally cleaned to ‘Hotel Room Clean’ following our cleaning checklist.
  • No personal property or items left in or around the property.  This includes furniture, home decor items, toiletries, shower curtains, rugs, kitchen & bathroom items, soap dispensers, fire extinguishers, grills, patio furniture, flower pots, mowers, lawn chemicals, tools, ladders, etc.
  • Carpet should be free of large stains, tears, ripples or severe wear.  Carpets need to be professionally steam cleaned prior to occupancy. Any carpet older than 7 years is considered fully depreciated. 
  • Paint should have no chips, peeling, large marks or mis-matched touch-ups.  Interior walls should have no cracks or holes larger than a quarter inch. Repainting should be done corner to corner. Paint older than 4 years is considered fully depreciated. 
  • Kitchen and bathroom caulking must be in good condition and free of any chips, discoloration or bio-organic growth.
  • All windows must have non-damaged screens and frames installed.
  • All windows and patio doors must have mini or vertical blinds, no drapes or roller blinds.
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection must be installed in all bathrooms, kitchens, garages and exterior outlets.
  • All appliances, systems and equipment that are in a property at the time a resident leases a property must be maintained during the lease term.  If a resident is not allowed to access an appliance (such as a washer and dryer) it must be removed from the property.
  • If a fireplace cannot be repaired, it must be disabled and noted that it is decorative only.
  • The lawn must be mowed and the landscaping should be in neat condition.
  • Furnace filter must be clean and in new condition.
  • Handrails are required for interior and exterior stairs, balconies and porches:
    • If a staircase has 4 or more risers, a graspable handrail must be installed.  2 or more risers require a handrail for properties located in Muncie, IN.
    • Balconies, porches, etc must have a railing that is at least 36” high if more than 30 inches higher than all the adjacent areas.


Additional Requirements for Multi-Family Buildings(3 or more units):

  • Fire Safety Requirements in addition to above:
    • Provide emergency lighting and exit signs in all hallways and common areas.
    • Provide fire extinguishers to code in all common areas.
  • Provide trash removal service.
  • Provide Lawn/ grounds maintenance and snow removal.
  • Must keep all common areas clean, free of hazards and include adequate lighting.
  • Balconies, porches, etc must have handrails that are at least 42” high if more than 30 inches higher than adjacent areas.
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