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Highlighted Segments

Top 3 Indianapolis Investing Headlines

Development is constantly happening in our city. In this segment, we give you the top 3 headlines for the month of news that could impact your investment. 

We understand a majority of property owners don’t live in Indianapolis. This is a great breakdown of the things you need to know. 

From new jobs entering markets to massive developments revitalizing an area- we have you covered. 

Devon's Deals

Are you looking for some example investment properties throughout central Indiana? 

In this segment of the INvest Newsletter, Head T&H Real Estate Agent, Devon Shaw, describes a property we have transformed for a client. 

She gives you the breakdown of purchase price, rehab cost, and rental rate to give you real market insight on what we see on a daily basis. 

Monthly Rental Statistics

We list out all of the Indianapolis rental market data that matters.

In this segment, we list all Indianapolis townships and surrounding city data to give you better insight on where your investment stands, or where opportunity may lie. 

Whether you are looking to see what DOM is looking like, or if your rates are comparable, this area by area stat breakdown will help you reach your goals.

Jake's Take

T&H Business Development Manager bring Indianapolis to you in this segment. He uncovers up and coming areas, tips for navigating this specific market and more!

His boots on the ground approach gives you the advice you need on our market, even from states or countries away. 

Learn about where he is seeing the biggest success in Indianapolis. 


Why Invest in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis combines low-cost midwest living with strong rental demand in an investor and landlord friendly market. 


Many areas in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas provide great opportunity for investors, especially as more people are demanding affordable housing in more suburban or rural areas. 

We have major employers like Eli Lilly, Cummins, and Anthem. Or unemployment rates are typically lower than that of our sister cities, and we boast a strong job growth rate.

All of these factors add up to a great market for investors who want to lower vacancy and upfront costs but keep stable returns.

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