Our Key Team Members

Below is a list of some key team members that you will work with throughout our relationship.

Property Management Team

After signing your contract, your assigned Property Manager will be your main point of contact. They will oversee the entire lifecyle of your property, including make-ready, leasing and regular management functions when the property is occupied. In short, the Property Manager is the “go to” person for our Clients. 

Chris Herring

Director of Owner Relations


317-255-7767 EXT. 7018

Glenna Winters

Property Manager


317-255-7767 EXT. 7028

Tosha Meade

Property Manager


317-255-7767 EXT. 7060

Sarah Hunt

Property Management Coordinator


317-255-7767 EXT. 7022

Other Key Team Members

Our other key personnel below include the main point of contact for all of our other departments including Project Management, Business Development, Our Brokerage, Resident Relations, and Maintenance.

Kelsay Bolden

Director of Resident Relations

Kelsay Bolden


317-255-7767 EXT. 7035

As the Director of Resident Relations, Kelsay manages our Leasing Team and also is responsible for our Resident Relations Team.  Her overriding objective is to ensure our Resident experience is at a very high level.

Don Castelluccio

Director of Field Operations

Don Castelluccio


317-255-7767 EXT. 7030

Don leads the Field Operations Department, which is responsible for the physical aspects of a scatter-sight property manager. The Project Managers under Don are tasked with coordinating all make-ready work, and managing vacant properties. Don also manages our Maintenance Department.

Jake Knight

Business Development Manager

Jake Knight


317-255-7767 EXT. 7020

As our Business Development Manager, Jake is responsible for speaking with potential Clients and answering any initial questions about our Company and processes. He will often times meet with these potential Owners at their properties and conduct a walk-through and rental analysis on the home to determine if we are a good fit. He is also our resident expert on rental rates, up-and-coming areas, and all things Indianapolis.

Devon Shaw

Real Estate Agent

Devon Shaw


317-255-7767 EXT. 7023

Devon is our head real estate agent here at T&H. Her main responsibility is to help our Clients buy and sell their properties to maximize their investing goals. If you are interested in buying or selling, be sure to reach out to Devon and our full-service brokerage team.

Cynthia Russell

Resident Relations Manager

Cynthia Russell


317-255-7767 EXT. 7017

Cynthia is our Residents Relations Manager and directly deals with any Resident issues or communication needs that may arise. She and her team directly communicates with our Residets to provide important information regarding their time in your property.


Tom Hunt

Maintenance Department Manager

Tom Hunt


317-255-7767 EXT. 7019

Tom serves as our Maintenance Department Manager. It’s his job to make sure all maintenance requests are dispatched and taken care of in a timely manner. His team fields all maintenance-related calls and he also gets his hands dirty when needed.  

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