Indianapolis Property Management Needs

We’re not the right Property Management company for everyone. 

We receive many inquiries into out business each day from people interested in our Indianapolis Property Management services. As it turns out, we aren’t good fits for most – a large majority, in fact – of these inquiries. 

If you haven’t already, please review the types of homes we manage, because this is the major reason we aren’t good fits. However, even if you have the right property in the right location, we totally understand that we may not be the best fit for you. 

In reality, there’s no Property Management company that is one size fits all. 



We are NOT a good fit for you at T&H realty if: 

  • You aren’t committed to treating your rental home like a small business – Yes, you are entering into a small business when you decide to become a Landlord. You will receive income in the form of rents and you will have expenses; and sometimes, those expenses will exceed your income. That’s reality.

    You will also have customers (Tenants) who need to be treated as such – not like someone who you view as only there to cost you money. If you want high-quality, high-performing customers, you must provide a high-quality, high-performing home. 

  • You want to manage your Property Manager – We value your input and want it. We want to understand your pain points so we can address them and we want to understand your investment goals so we can help you meet them.

    However, you hired us for a reason. We are EXPERTS at what we do. Let us do our job and we’ll all be much happier and more profitable. 

  • You are only concerned about fees – We are NOT the cheapest solution out there. There are plenty of other Property Management Companies in Indianapolis who have fees that are less than ours.

    But, if you think that hiring a highly experienced, highly effective Property Management company will ultimately make you more profitable, then we might be a good fit for you.



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