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Leasing Fee - 1 month's rent

Our leasing fee is generally the equivalent of one month’s rent. For example, if your home rents for $1,000 per month, we will retain that $1,000 as our leasing fee.  If your home is significantly higher than that, we will likely work with you and reduce that leasing fee.

Management Fee - 10%

At T&H Realty, our management fee is generally 10% of the rents collected. So, if your home rents for $1,000 per month, our management fee would be $100 per month. If no rent is collected, then there is no management fee. 

Mark-Up Fee - 10%

Our mark-up fee is 10%. This fee is automatically added to all bills that flow thru your account. This fee compensates us for the administrative cost in managing certain activities on your home and paying those associated bills. 

Renewal Fee - $250

Our renewal fee is $250 for each lease that we renew for a term of 6 months or greater. 

Based on a property that generates $1,000 of monthly rent.

Our Pricing vs. The Other Guys FINAL

Note: T&H does not charge a management fee on the first month's rent, only a leasing fee. In most cases, T&H Realty leases homes around 21 days faster than the competition, which reduces lost rents. T&H Realty does not charge any vacancy fees (a management fee when the property is vacant).



Leasing-Only Package

Do you want to self-manage your property, but need help with marketing, screening, and placing a Tenant?

Our Leasing-Only plan is perfect for you.

You'll get the same, best-in-class solutions as our Full-Service plan, but once the Tenant signs the lease, we'll turn it back over to you to manage the day to day tasks and details. 

For this package, we only charge the Leasing Fee

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Leasing Fee

You will find, if you call other property management companies throughout Central Indiana, that leasing fees can vary significantly. Some companies may lease your home for only a few hundred dollars, while others, like us, will charge one month’s rent.

So, we’re sure you are wondering… why such a big difference? There could be a number of reasons, but the main drivers are staffing, marketing reach, systems. Please understand that those differences – especially when they impact vacancy and how long your home sits on the market – can impact your overall return dramatically.

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Management Fee

Like leasing fees, property management companies in Central Indiana charge different types of management fees. Some use a percentage of rent collected like we do, while some charge a flat rate per property.

A common question we receive is, “What does my management fee cover?”

There are a variety of things a management company does to earn the management fee.

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Mark-Up Fee

The most common types of marked-up bills you’ll see are:

1. Utility bills and upkeep services during vacancy.

2. Managed and outsourced maintenance (BTW: you are not charged a mark-up on our internal maintenance technicians’ work, that’s billed at a nominal hourly rate).

3. Material and supplies purchased for your home.

4. Any other miscellaneous bills that we pay on your behalf.

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Renewal Fee

So, what all is involved in the renewal fee? Our renewal process is different than most companies. We love renewals at T&H Realty Services. In fact, we provide year-end bonuses to our employees based on our renewal numbers. As a result, we experience a very high renewal rate for our industry, which obviously translates into higher returns for our Owners.

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