“I’ll manage my rental home, I just need help leasing it.”

No time to conduct showings?

No tools to properly screen applicants?

We can help with our exclusive Leasing-Only Package. 

Under this program, you’ll get the same marketing, showing, and screening programs as our full-service Property Management customers.

However, once you’ve approved a Tenant, we’ll turn them over to you to begin the day-to-day management.

This is a great program for do-it-your-selfers who don’t mind managing Tenants, but simply don’t have the time to show properties on nights and weekends or have the proper screening tools to ensure placement of a quality Tenant.

Let T&H Realty help you find the best tenant possible, so you can rest knowing your assets are safe and secure.

Fill out the form or call us at 317-255-7767 so we can talk about your needs. 

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