Hendricks county property management

One of Central Indiana’s most family-friendly and community-oriented areas is located in Hendricks County, IN.

Hendricks County is currently the second fastest growing county in Indiana and 85th in the nation. At T&H Realty Services, we are highly interested in providing professional property management in Hendricks County.

Hendricks County offers tenants homes for rent in major housing developments within towns like Avon, Brownsberg, and Danville.

Hendricks County is located just west of Marion County, only minutes away from everything Indianapolis has to offer.

All 6 of the Hendricks County public High Schools were included on the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s “Best Buy” list. The list looks at the highest achievement levels (as measured by standardized testing, graduation rates, SAT scores and participation, and Advanced Placement scores) with the lowest amount of tax dollars.

Every corner of the county has something to offer whether you are drawn to the character of antiques, local shops, or old fashioned cooking.

As your Property Management service provider, T&H Realty Services offers full-service Property Management for many locations throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana, including Hendricks County.

As professional Property Managers, it’s our job to ensure that your asset is both promoted and protected with the highest degree of professionalism.


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