Adding / Removing A Roommate

Anytime you need to a change your household make-up, you must obtain permission from our Office before doing so. Please note that if someone moves into the property without receiving formal permission, you will be in violation of your Lease.

Also, all modifications to your lease are subject to our Lease Modification Fee.

Adding a Roommate – To properly add a roommate to the Lease, you must first contact our Lease Coordinator. Assuming there are no occupancy restrictions, the additional occupant will be required to fill out a rental application and receive formal approval from the Owner. Assuming we receive approval, we will require an Amendment to be signed by all leaseholders.

Removing a Roommate – If a leaseholder wants to be removed from the Lease, the remaining leaseholders must qualify on their own. Again, we will need to gain formal approval from the Owner as well. We will also require all parties to sign a Security Deposit release form.