Tired of Self Managing Indianapolis Rental Properties

If anyone understands the hesitance to stop self-managing, it’s us. 

Back in 2007, before we did property management for 3rd party Clients, we had more rental properties than we could efficiently manage by ourselves. 

At that time, there really weren’t too many companies to choose from, and we didn’t feel comfortable turning over our largest assets to just anyone. 

So, we started T&H.

We literally founded our own property management company so that we could ensure our investments were properly taken care of.

How’s that for control freak?

We’ve been fortunate to continue to grow throughout the years and help other investors manage their properties like they are our own. 

All this to say, we’ve been in your shoes and if you’re on the fence about hiring a property manager, we would love the chance to speak with you to see if we could be a good fit. 

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Quality Property Management is Just a Click Away!

3 Most Demanding Aspects of Self-Managing Rental Properties

We’ve taken over management of numerous properties in the last couple of years – dozens and dozens, in fact – from Landlords who are just plain tired of self-managing.

And we can’t blame them. 

Being a Landlord is a grind. We should know.

There are obviously pros to self-management – the main ones being full control over your investment, and no property management fees. 

But there are also some considerably demanding aspects that come along with it.

The time, knowledge, and processes required to efficiently manage rental properties can be overwhelming. 

Click the link below to see how a property manager could help with some of your major pain points. 

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring An Indianapolis Property Manager

Whether you’re a new Landlord just starting out, or you’ve been self-managing your properties for a while, the thought of hiring a professional property management company has likely crossed your mind. 

Whatever category you fall under, you’re bound to have some reservations about turning over such large investments to a third party. 

Those reservations aren’t unwarranted, and if you want to have a successful rental property business, you need to be fully bought in to whatever route you decide to take. 

The 2 Biggest Cons to Hiring a Professional Property Manager:

  1. Relinquishing control
  2. Property Management Fees

The 2 Biggest Pros to Hiring a Professional Property Manager:

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Valuable Market Insight

5 Tips For Finding Quality Property Management In Indianapolis

So, you are in the market for a new Property Manager.

This is an important decision for you. 

Shopping for a Property Management company should require some work on your part. After all, you are turning over the keys – literally – to one of the biggest assets you own. If you turn those keys over to a property manager that’s ill-equipped to manage your home, well, you already know what can happen.

Lots of headaches and frustration to say the least. 

No Property Managers are alike. We all have our differentiating factors – or at least should have differentiating factors – that, if you research long enough, will align with your own specific needs and wants.

Navigating Indianapolis Property Management Reviews

There are no household names in the world of Property Management.

Anyone could rattle off a list of car manufacturers, television brands, or even local real estate companies.

But, Property Management is different. 

And that can make finding a quality Property Management company difficult. 

If you are like most people, unless you receive a trusted referral, you’ll take to the internet to learn about different Property Management companies, paying special attention to not only fees and services, but also to online reviews.

Reviews matter. feedback

They absolutely sway opinions.

But they can also be confusing.

And yes, they can also be fake.

Property Managers are particularly susceptible to bad reviews. We have two different sets of customers (Owners and Tenants) that can sometimes have opposite goals. So, when a difficult situation arises, an eviction, for example, at least one, if not both parties, can become upset. 

And some of these people are perfectly willing to share and even embellish the bad experience with the world. Because, as we all know, people are much more willing to share a bad experience than to share a good experience. 

3 Reasons To Choose A Local Vs. National Property Management Company

Residential Property Management is consolidating and is, generally, getting more professional.

While there remain lots and lots of the classic Ma and Pops out there managing homes, Corporate America has taken a definite interest in our industry.

And, more importantly, Corporate America has entered markets offering a national presence.

It’s hard to tell, exactly, how things will progress from here, but the corporate trend has started.

And if you are an investor who uses a 3rd party property management company, you need to understand what suburbs this means to you and your investment.  suburbs

For many years now, Indianapolis has been viewed as a hotbed for rental real estate investment.

We’ve seen very large companies come to our City and invest many millions of dollars on single family homes. America Homes for Rent, which reportedly bought more than 3,000 homes in Central Indiana, is probably the biggest example.

In the case of AH4R, they self-manage all their properties… at least in Indianapolis.   

And we’ve also seen a large number of smaller investors enter our market as well – most of which are in need of a Property Manager.  

All of this, as you might guess, has lead to an explosion of new Property Management Companies in Central Indiana… most of which are local, but some of which are not.

Why Choose T&H Realty Services?

1. We are a trusted local real estate company with a lot of expertise. 

Our staff has over 100 years of combined property management experience. We don’t just work in this market, we live here too. We leverage our expertise every day for our customers, and there is a lot of knowledge and skill to benefit from.

2. We know how to maximize your asset. 

We know the rental market in and around Indianapolis very well. Our up to date and detailed analysis and study of the market helps us to get top dollar for your rental property. Our marketing plans also ensure that we can bring together the largest possible pool of potential renters for your property. We will make sure we get a highly qualified tenant for you, and we’ll price your property correctly so you don’t have to worry about vacancy. tom with maintenance van

3. We know how to safeguard your asset. 

Our company conducts an array of inspections before, during and after a tenancy. We do a thorough move in inspection, annual renewal inspections and another comprehensive property inspection at the time of move out. We also check the property routinely to make sure everything is working and maintained. We make sure your property is taken care of in the best way possible.

4. We communicate. 

That may not sound like a big deal on the surface, but I get calls every week from landlords who are frustrated with their current property manager simply because they cannot get a return phone call or a question answered via email. We go to great lengths to ensure we communicate well. We do a lot to make sure our customers know they are a priority.

5. We are more than just a property management company. 

If you want to add to (or reduce) your investment property portfolio, we can help you do that. We have local real estate agents on staff who can help you buy and sell investment properties.

We are proud of the service we provide, and would love to have a conversation with you. 

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