May 2023

Today’s video includes details on:

  1. T&H Realty is expanding its services to Muncie, Indiana. Contact our Brokerage Team to purchase properties in Muncie, and if you have properties in Muncie already that you would like us to manage, please reach out.
  2. A survey went out on Monday asking you to rate T&H and provide feedback. We greatly appreciate all of your responses so far. If you haven’t filled out the survey, please take a few seconds to submit your feedback.
  3. We have a Facebook Group for investors to connect and network. T&H Realty would love to see you in the group. Click here to join!
  4. New episode of our podcast was released. We met with two of our Owner Clients and discussed how they supercharged their portfolio. We will have an episode out soon about Muncie, Indiana. Listen to our Podcast!

If you know any fellow property owners who are looking for a property management company, we would truly appreciate you sending them our way. You can refer them using the form below:

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