The 10 Most Common Legal Mistakes Indianapolis Landlords Make


In the rental property industry there are always two sides of the coin – Landlords and Tenants. In a perfect world, everything would always go smoothly, everyone would get along, and both parties would see eye to eye. Unfortunately, we live far, far away from that world. Every state has laws in place to protect […]

7 Tips to Convert Your Primary Residence Into an Indianapolis Rental Property

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So, you’re thinking about transitioning your personal residence to a rental property.   Maybe the proposition excites you: “I REALLY want to be a Landlord.” Or, maybe you enter this discussion from a simple point of desperation: “I can’t sell my house and renting is my only option.”  Whatever the case, renting out your home […]

How Much Rent Should I Charge for My Indianapolis Rental Property?


If you are considering renting your home, one of the first questions you might ask is: “How much rent should I charge for my Indianapolis Rental Property?” Pricing is very important. You want to ensure that you don’t price it too high, or the home will sit on the market; and you certainly don’t want […]

3 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Landlord in Indianapolis

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 If you’re watching this video and reading this blog, you are probably considering the idea of becoming a landlord. Owning Indianapolis rental property can be a rewarding and lucrative experience. There are a couple of things to keep in mind prior to buying your first rental home.