How to Treat Your Investment Property like a Business- and NOT a Hobby

If you have been around these blogs or our INDY REI podcast for any length of time, you know that we preach loudly: treat your investment properties like a small business. We don’t see this as our opinion, because after 20+ years in the industry, we guarantee your chances of success are exponentially higher when […]

How Can an Indianapolis Property Management Company Save Me Money?

We get it. Property management seems like a big expense. And we are the first to admit- it is not for everyone. If you like the day to day of being a landlord. If you like control. If you have resources to make it worth your while. You probably don’t need a property management company. […]

A Breakdown of 2023 and What it Means for 2024

Last year, we made predictions for what 2023 would bring. And while it did not bring back the return of a normal market, like we had hoped, it did prove to be fairly predictable. In this blog, we look back on our predictions to see how close we came to forecasting 2023. Then, we will […]

Fannie Mae Offers 5% Down Payment for Multi-Family

Fannie Mae Announces 5% Down Payments 5% Down?? You aren’t just hearing things, Fannie Mae recently announced a huge policy shift when it comes to down payments for multi-family. Previously, the down payment requirement for multi-family homes was 15%-25% of the property’s sales price.  In November Fannie Mae introduced a 5% down payment option for […]

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