The 5 Big Takeaways from BPCON 2023

If you haven’t heard by now, we are big fans of BiggerPockets.  And if you haven’t heard of BiggerPockets, and you are interested in real estate, well… shame on you!  BiggerPockets is a complete resource for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing. It offers content, tools, and a community of over 2 million […]

A Real Estate Investor’s Guide: The Biden Administration’s Renters Bill of Rights

Biden Administration Releases “Renters Rights Blueprint” It’s March of 2020, and the world is shutting down.  Your sister has lost her job. Your spouse is out of work for the foreseeable future.  Everyone’s income is a bit less secure than it was yesterday.  “My rental property will help make ends meet,” you think to yourself.  […]

What Are The Different Real Estate Investment Strategies?

Real estate investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio and build assets. However, before you jump right in, choosing the best way to invest in properties requires ample amounts of research. Risk, time, money, knowledge, and location are all going to factor into the way you invest in real estate. Below are real […]

3 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Investment Property

First Investment Property

It’s time to purchase your first investment property. Buying your first property can be both terrifying and exciting. Becoming a landlord is a long-term investment that not everyone is ready for. Any property you purchase will require a great amount of research, and it will require you to ask a lot of questions when it […]

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