What Are The Different Real Estate Investment Strategies?

Real estate investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio and build assets. However, before you jump right in, choosing the best way to invest in properties requires ample amounts of research. Risk, time, money, knowledge, and location are all going to factor into the way you invest in real estate. Below are real […]

3 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Investment Property

First Investment Property

It’s time to purchase your first investment property. Buying your first property can be both terrifying and exciting. Becoming a landlord is a long-term investment that not everyone is ready for. Any property you purchase will require a great amount of research, and it will require you to ask a lot of questions when it […]

Where to Invest in Indianapolis: Perry Township

perry township map outline

Moving on down to the south central part of Marion County, we have Perry Township. Settled in 1822, it was named after Oliver Hazard Perry, a hero from the War of 1812. According to Census Reporter, the population was 114,519 as of 2017 with a median age of 35.9. There’s a very even split between […]