Speedway Indiana is one of the most famous towns in central Indiana. Speedway is an urban community located on the west side of Indianapolis in Marion County.

At T&H Realty Services, we are highly interested in providing professional property management in the Speedway area. Homes in Speedway are modest, vernacular, period revival houses typical of middle class suburbs in the U.S. from the 1920’s to the 1940’s.

Available homes for rent include simple bungalows or American Four Square houses which are rich with Speedway’s history yet practical for the modern family.

Speedway is a town in Wayne Township. Speedway is the home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from which the town derives its name. Built in 1909, and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway currently remains the only such landmark to be affiliated with automotive racing history since its inception. Besides the Indianapolis 500, NASCAR’s Brickyard 400 also takes place there.

The Speedway also hosted the U.S. Grand Prix for Formula One from 2000-2007. On the grounds of the Speedway is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame and the Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort.

Top-rated Speedway schools inspire and prepare students to embrace the responsibilities of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.

As your Property Management service provider, T&H Realty Services offers full-service Property Management for many locations throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana, including Speedway.

As professional Property Managers, it’s our job to ensure that your asset is both promoted and protected with the highest degree of professionalism.


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