T&H has partnered with Rhino to make moving easier!

We offer Rhino as a modern alternative to security deposits. Instead of putting down cash upfront, Residents can use Rhino, a low-cost insurance policy that covers the same things a traditional security deposit would have.

Sign-up takes less than 60 seconds online!

How Does Rhino Work?

Affordable Pricing

Rhino provides every eligible applicant with a personalized price at sign-up and flexible monthly payment options.

Quick and Easy Enrollment

If you are eligible, you can sign up with Rhino in as little as 60 seconds. Just choose your payment plan, submit your first payment, and get ready to move in.

Keep your cash

The average renter saves hundreds or even thousands when they sign up with Rhino. Use your savings for the things that matter most.

What Are The Benefits Of Rhino?

Personalize Price

Rhino personalizes your price

Every Resident gets a Rhino policy personalized to their unique situation. Rhino asks for basic personal information to determine the protection a Resident needs, and makes sure it’s affordable.

Flexible payment

Residents get flexible payments

Residents can pay for a Rhino policy monthly or in full. When a resident makes their first Rhino payment, Rhino will take the place of the Resident’s security deposit and they’re free to move in.

Communicate with landlord

Rhino communicates with T&H Realty

Rhino handles all the paperwork and provides the Resident’s leasing team with an online platform where they can find, edit, and confirm the Resident’s Rhino information.

resident requirements

Residents have the same requirements

Rhino protects a Resident’s home just like a security deposit does. If a Resident causes damage or doesn’t pay rent, a claim can be submitted.

unit protection

Rhino protects the unit

Rhino isn’t renters insurance. Resident’s pay for protection of their unit similar to a deposit, not for protection of their personal items.

accidents happen

Residents work with Rhino if accidents happen

Rhino works with both sides on every issue, but if a claim is submitted and accepted on a policy, the resident is responsible. We will all work together to find the best payment option.

What does the process look like?

Application Approved

Complete the application and receive an approval notification

Personalize Policy

Secure your home and setup a policy with Rhino

Create account

Once the policy is ready, create an account for easy access



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