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Indianapolis rental property insurance

T&H Realty Services requires all Tenants to carry an active Renters Insurance Policy.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

line.pngThe policy protects against losses to line.png
the Tenant’s personal property 
(due to any sort of event: theft, fire,
water leak, etc.) within the 
rental property.

In addition, the renters insurance
policy protects against losses 
resulting from liability claims, such
as injuries 
occurring on the premises that are the liability of the Tenant.

We have several local insurance line.pngagencies that can help you out,  or the insurance can be purchased at the 
Tenant Portal. 
Another common source is through
your car insurance provider.


  • $100,000 personal liability coverage
  • T&H Realty to be listed as an "Interested Party"

All choices of personal belonging line.png
coverage and medical payments
are up to the Tenant.

The traditional renters insurance
policy will generally run anywhere
between $20-$30 per month.

It is a small investment that can
save Tenants a lot of money 
should something happen.