Renewing Your Lease

We love when our Tenants renew and hope you’ll agree to stay with us for many years. Below are some steps to consider when renewing your Lease.

1. Contact Us – You will begin receiving renewal notifications from us around 90 days before your lease ends. When you’ve decided you want to renew, contact our Customer Service Manager to discuss your desire to stay.

2. Renewal Walk-Thru – Prior to signing a renewal lease, a Renewal Walk-Thru is required. The Renewal Walk-Thru generally only takes around 15 minutes and you are not required to be present.

3. Lease Negotiations – Our Staff will also conduct a fair market rent analysis for your property during the renewal process. This information will be shared with the Owner, who will make the final determination on a new rent rate. In some cases, your rent may stay the same, while in other cases, it might increase.

4. Month-to-Month – If we do not hear from your during the renewal period, your Lease will automatically convert to a Month-to-Month Lease with a 10% increase in rent.

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