We pride ourselves in being great marketers and minimizing your vacancy.

To that end, we try to be as aggressive as possible when it comes to marketing your home.

Previously, and in some cases, we would begin showing your property to new prospects as soon as your Tenant provided notice. However, as technology has emerged and a new generation of renters has entered the market, we’ve had to re-think that strategy. 

So, beginning January 1st, 2019, we have made a much-needed change to our re-marketing process:

We will no longer show occupied homes to potential Tenants.  

How does this benefit you?

  1. 1. Marketing a home in move-in ready condition: With all of the rental options available, Tenants in the Indianapolis market have very high expectations. By marketing a home in move-in ready condition, you have the best shot at attracting the best possible Tenant and the best possible rent rate. 

    Plus,  potential Tenants will know exactly what they will be getting, which will cut down on any confusion.

    3 Major Reasons the Condition of Your Property is Important
  1. 2. Avoiding Uncooperative Tenants: In most situations, existing Tenants will not put forth the effort to ensure the home shows as well as possible during the last 30 days of a Lease Agreement. Tenants do not normally take care of a home as an owner would, and it reflects in the way the home shows to prospective applicants.

Tenants have little incentive to show the home other than being obligated in the Lease. Once the Tenants begin packing to move, boxes begin to pile up and the home shows poorly.

Also, there will be no lost showings from a Tenant blocking requests, or refusing to answer their phone to approve a showing.

  1. 3. Avoiding a Lease Hold Over Crisis: Should the outgoing Tenant need a few extra days or weeks to vacate the home, they could do so under their current lease agreement by paying the necessary rent and fees.

    In the past, should a new incoming Tenant have a signed lease agreement, and an outgoing Tenant does not vacate on time – it creates a major problem for all involved.

    This leads to a very negative situation that has resulted in broken leases, causing you more vacancy that would not have been necessary. 
  1. 4. Self-Showings: We currently use Tenant Turner as a Self Showing services for all of our vacant rental properties. This technology gives potential renters a fast and convenient option to self-tour your property, and not have to wait to schedule a showing with an Agent.

    Obviously, if the home is still occupied, self-showings are not an option. 

Starting Later Does NOT Equal Increased Vacancy

We understand that starting showings later in the process may be a concern for you. But the bottom line is, from our years of experience, marketing a vacant, move-in ready property will attract better applicants and typically end up renting faster than occupied homes. 

In the long-run, we should be able to place a higher qualified Tenant, at a higher rent rate, which will increase your overall return. 

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