Now one of the world’s largest cities, Indianapolis contains many interesting and historical districts. Marion County is located in the center of Indiana, and encompasses many unique towns and neighborhoods.

At T&H Realty Services, we are highly interested in providing professional property management in the Indianapolis Marion County area.

Marion County provides a wide-range of homes for tenants to rent, located among the Victorian architecture and cobblestone streets of downtown, the cultural arts center of Broad Ripple Village, and the suburban neighborhoods of Marion County’s nine townships, which each operate their own school systems.

Marion County, the largest county in Indiana, is often coterminous with Indianapolis, the largest city in Indiana. Much of the city has been extensively redeveloped in recent years, particularly downtown Indianapolis.

Indianapolis has an impressive amount of tourist attractions, including convention facilities, sports venues, parks and outdoor attractions, museums, and historical landmarks.

As your Property Management service provider, T&H Realty Services offers full-service Property Management for many locations throughout Indianapolis and Central Indiana, including Marion County.

As professional Property Managers, it’s our job to ensure that your asset is both promoted and protected with the highest degree of professionalism.


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