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As a full service Property Management company, we take care of every detail of your Indianapolis rental property.  

Below is an outline for of the services we provide our Owner Clients. 


Pre-Leasing Evaluation

Our job is to get maximum rent for your property.

A tremendous feature we offer right after becoming your Property Manager
(and, in many cases, BEFORE we become your Property Manager), is a walk-thru 
evaluation, and a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your property.

  • Is it ready to rent?
  • Does it have the features that Tenants want?
  • Can we make simple changes to increase your rent dollar?

Upon completing the review, we will provide you a report and any anticipated 
costs involved in sprucing up your property.

> Find out how much your property could rent for!



No Property Management Company in Central Indiana markets properties better than us, and we have the statistics to back it up. 

We typically rent homes 2-3 weeks faster than our collective competition, 
saving you thousands of dollars over the term of your investment.

We use a variety of marketing efforts, including:

   -A massive internet campaign

   - Zillow's Premium Service 

   -MLS system


Our website alone receives around 20,000 visitors per month and our full-service marketing plan will expose your property to dozens of national websites. 

>Learn more about our marketing program


Tenant Screening


In addition to our renowned marketing tactics, every applicant is thoroughly vetted by a best-in-class screening service.

Clearly, it’s in everyone’s best interest to find a highly qualified Tenant. 

Our screening is so effective that we only evict less than one percent of our Tenants annually.

We conduct a background check, pull credit scores from Equifax, and check past rental history. 

If an applicant meets our credit and income requirements but has a negative rental history, we will not approve their application.

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>Check out our rental requirements


Move-In Coordination

Once we've fully vetted applicants, we'll ensure the Lease is signed, funds are paid and all documentation is submitted before scheduling the move-in.

You'll be notified when a Lease is signed and also after a successful move-in occurs. 

As part of the move-in, we conduct what we call a "5-day" walk-thru. This process is conducted by the assigned property manager, who will create a comprehensive report about the property that will be shared with both you as the Owner and the Tenant.

This important document is uploaded to both Tenant and Owner Portals and is used during any disputes the Tenant may have at move-out. 

>Learn more about our move-in processes



Inevitably, problems will arise (yes, the number one reason Tenants call is for toilet issues!) and we’re here to handle it.

We have highly qualified maintenance technicians, and a very large Vendor network, that can solve nearly every problem.

In addition, we offer a full array of preventative maintenance programs and, during emergency situations, we have a list of terrific contractors to call upon.

Rest assured, your asset is protected and in good hands.

Many Owners ask us how much they will spend on maintenance and the answer is, it depends. 

This article will help give you a good idea of what to expect.

>How Much Will I Spend on Maintenance?
>How does T&H handle maintenance?



We offer timely accounting statements each month.

Our State of the art software allows you to:

  • Log into your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Check the status of rental payments
  • View real-time reports about your lease and property
  • View any outstanding maintenance issues
  • View actual invoices associated with maintenance

In addition, we conduct weekly Owner Draws. Your funds are electronically distributed into your bank account, creating a truly paperless system.

>Overview of Owner statements and draws


Move-Out Coordination

When a Tenant vacates, we will visit the property right away and create a comprehensive report for you to review.

Your Property Manager will advise on Tenant damage vs. repairs that are due to normal wear and tear, along with any deferred maintenance issues.

Additionally, we will prepare a scope of work, obtain bids for the work and manage the turnover process.

> How T&H handles move-outs



In the event that an eviction is necessary, we are more than capable of handling every aspect of the process, including court appearances and collections.

Again, we evict less than one percent of our Tenants, but are ready to do so when necessary.

In the event a Tenant vacates owing money, we have a multi-faceted collection process to help recover your money.


>How does T&H handle evictions?

Real Estate Brokerage

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our knowledge and experience in the Indianapolis market. 

As a licensed real estate office, we can help you find and purchase properties to add to your portfolio, or help you sell your assets when the time comes. 

We will do market analysis for you and guide you on what your best options are. 

If you are an out of state investor, we can be your boots on the ground and your eyes and ears!

>Learn more about our investor services!


We Also Offer...


Tenant Placement Guarantee

At T&H Realty Services, we are extremely proud of the best-in-class screening service we employ. 

In fact, our system has shaved our eviction rate down to less than 1% of Tenants we place. 

When you employ us to lease your home, we take that very seriously and want to ensure you are getting the most benefit possible out of our Leasing fee. 

On top of incredible screening services, second to none marketing initiatives and cutting edge technology, we offer not one, but two Leasing Guarantees.

More details on the Tenant Placement Guarantee!



Eviction Protection Program

While we make every effort possible to thoroughly screen our Tenants and go the extra mile to minimize any potential risk, sometimes an eviction is just inevitable. 

Our Eviction Protection Plan (EPP) is an added service we offer our Clients as a means of mitigating some of the financial burden in case of an eviction. 

More details on the Eviction Protection Program!


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What Our Clients are Saying

We greatly value the input given to us by our customers: Owners and Tenants alike. 

Our staff works very hard to ensure each individual has an enjoyable experience
with our company and we strive to make things right if we fall short of expectations.