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Indianapolis Investor Deal of the Month

February 2024

The Muncie Deal

This cute little 3 bedroom/1 bathroom home in Anderson was listed for $119,997 and we got it under contract with a cash offer for $115,000. 

Cosmetically the home was in pretty good shape and only needed some interior paint, appliances, and other small odds and ends which totaled around $5,000.

The inspection uncovered roughly $7,300 worth of issues and we were able to negotiate a $6,000 credit/price reduction with the seller. 

Our client is right around $121,000 all in and this home is estimated to lease for $1050-$1150. 

Numbers & Location

-Listing Price: $129,500

-Purchase Price: $106,672

-Estimated Monthly Rent: $1,400

-Yearly Taxes: $1,200

-Inspection Repair Price: $10,500

-Rent Ready Repair Price: $12,000

-Seller Concessions: $10,500

Past Deal

Anderson Find

Check out this past T&H find in Anderson, Indiana!

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