Cash Rent Payments

We are pleased to inform you that we now accept cash payments for rent. 

Our hope is that this integration will give you an added level of convenience and satisfaction when it comes to paying your rent every month. 

As with everything else, this feature will be available through your Tenant Portal.

How to make a cash payment:

  1. Select the “Cash” option on the payment screen.
  2. A voucher will be generated for you, either print or save it on your smartphone.
  3. Take your printed or digital voucher into a money center near you with the full amount of your rent.
  4. Once your voucher is redeemed, the payment will be instantly verified and automatically recorded to your ledger.

Note: Most money centers charge a service fee for these transactions which you will be responsible for on top of your rent amount. 

Please contact Resident Relations by email or call 317-255-7767 with any questions.

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