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6 Must Have Contingencies When Purchasing an Occupied Indianapolis Rental Property

By Jeremy Tallman on Jul 5, 2021 9:50:00 AM

We If you're a current Client, or have spent much time on our website, you know what we have a fully functioning brokerage.

It's something we're proud of and something our Clients benefit from -- whether we're helping them add to their Portfolios or, when the time comes, sell their property.

While we have a very capable brokerage, we realize some of our Clients have their own Agent.

And we certainly respect that.

However, we've had some nightmare situations over the past several years with Agents who simply did not know the best way to represent their investor Client.

Representing a buyer for a personal residence is VERY different than representing a buyer who intends to use the property as an investment.  

So, if you are an investor, or if you are an Agent representing an investor, please, please, please, take a few minutes to read some best practices when writing that offer.

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