Devon L. Hicks

As well as being a licensed Realtor, Devon has her Bachelors in Marketing from Missouri State University and utilizes her skills in a variety of ways to educate and advise real estate investors in the Central Indiana region.

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Where to Invest in Indianapolis: Carmel

By Devon L. Hicks on Nov 24, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Carmel, Indiana is a northern suburb of Indianapolis located in Hamilton County with an estimated population of 98,332.

And, before we go any further, Carmel rhymes with Marvel. Natives get pretty touchy about incorrect pronunciations. 

Carmel has some pretty big claims to fame, being named one of the best places to live in the United States for multiple years, by multiple publications. 

It's known in some circles as the "Beverly Hills of the Midwest."

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Should I Buy an Indianapolis Rental Property Governed by an HOA?

By Devon L. Hicks on Nov 17, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Working with Investors purchasing single family homes in the Indianapolis market, we are often asked some variation of the question, "should I stay away from HOAs"?

As with many real estate investing topics, the answer is, it just depends. 

Home Owner's Associations have certainly amassed an unfavorable reputation among property owners all around the country, and it's not unwarranted. 

They're often hard to deal with AND cost you money. 

But should you completely rule out any and all properties that have an HOA?

Let's discuss, and you can be the judge. 

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Where to Invest in Indianapolis: Noblesville

By Devon L. Hicks on Oct 27, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Noblesville is a city just north of Indianapolis in Hamilton County and interestingly enough, it was the home to the area's first log cabin dwelling in 1802. 

William Conner and Josiah Polk laid out what is now Downtown Noblesville in 1823, which was designated as the Hamilton County seat in 1824, and incorporated in 1851.

The land was originally purchased from Native Americans.

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Where to Invest in Indianapolis: Avon

By Devon L. Hicks on Oct 6, 2019 10:00:00 AM

First settled in 1830, Avon, Indiana is a town situated in Hendricks County, west of Indianapolis. 

With a current estimated population of 18,343, Avon is the 47th largest city in Indiana. 

The median age is 35.3 and the median household income is $85,433. 

Caucasians make up 84.01% of the population.

Average rental amount is $1,055 and the median home value is $185,200 according to World Population Review. 

According to Niche, it's ranked as one of the best places to live in the entire state. 

It's also ranked #11 out of 115 for best suburbs to raise a family. 

A staggering 81% of residents own their homes compared to only 19% that rent, also reported by Niche. 

Below is some additional information that will hopefully help you determine if Avon is a good place to invest for your goals. 

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Where to Invest in Indianapolis: Greenwood

By Devon L. Hicks on Sep 15, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Greenwood, Indiana, the most populated city in the southern region of the Indianapolis Metropolitan area, is the next stop in our "Where to Invest in Indianapolis" series. 

This Johnson County city was first inhabited by the Delaware Indians, and later followed by European Americans in 1823. 

According to City-Data, the population of Greenwood is 57,375 and the median household income was $56,116 as of 2016. 

The demographic breakdown is as  follows:

  • Caucasian: 86.2%
  • Asian: 5.65%
  • African American: 4.41%
  • Other races: 1.56%

World Population Review estimates the average rental amount to be $903/month and the median home value to be $143,100. 

The median age is 35.5 and the ratio of females to males is 52.4% vs. 47.6%.

The cost of living index in Greenwood is 87.6 compared to the national average of 100. 

The city is a mixture of blue and white collar workers, with a majority of the jobs being in the sales/administrative category.

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Where to Invest in Indianapolis: Anderson

By Devon L. Hicks on Sep 1, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Located in Madison County, Indiana, Anderson is a suburb of Indianapolis first developed in 1827. 

The city has a very interesting history with its early roots in Industrialization. 

With the completion of the Indianapolis Bellefontaine Railroad in in 1852, Anderson burst to life. 

Numerous industries located here such as natural gas and car manufacturers. These companies aided in a thriving economy until the 1970s when Anderson suffered a mass deindustrialization and companies like GM shut down, laying off nearly 22,000 people.  

As of 2017, the population is reported to be at 55,076 and the median household income is $34,693. The median home value is $70,500 while average monthly rent is $724 according to Niche.

76.1% of the population is Caucasian with 13.1% being African-American, 5.3% Hispanic, and several other ethnicities making up a very minute portion of the population.

 56% of residents own their homes versus rent. 

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