Why Setting Up Financial Reserves for Your Rental Property is Non-Negotiable

importance of having a SWAN account for your rental investment

It’s bound to happen. Particularly if you invest long enough. Your Resident calls you on a frigid Saturday evening… “Hello, Mr. Landlord,” the Resident says, teeth chattering. “My furnace isn’t working. It’s 47 degrees in my house, and it’s expected to get below zero tonight.” You scramble to find an HVAC company which, due to […]

The Pros and Cons of Working with a Hard Money Lender

The Pros and Cons of Working with a Hard Money Lender

With interest rates climbing, lenders less flexible, and cash flow models being tossed into turmoil, many investors are considering hard money loans as a way to keep growing their inventory. I could be wrong, but when we first started our real estate investing in 2000, there were no organized, official Hard Money Lending Companies out […]

Can’t Sell Your House? Should You Consider Renting It?

I can't sell it, should I rent it

In 2007, when T&H Realty Services was just a baby of a business, our main source of Clients was what we now term “Reluctant Landlords.” These were Clients who DID NOT want to rent their homes. They had no genuine interest in being landlords and simply wanted the home to, somehow, go away. But things […]

The State of the Central Indiana Rental Market (2023)

state of today's rental market

We can all remember it. Mainly because it wasn’t all that long ago. A home is ready to market. We list it for rent, and then… BAM. Multiple applications. The lease is signed within a few days and sometimes a few hours. Everyone is happy. That was just last year. Just a few months ago, […]

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